Air Million Zoom Southern England & Wales 2018

Air Million
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This new chart is produced to a scale of 1:500 000 and covers the Southern England and Wales area, together with parts of Northern France.

The AIR MILLION ZOOM chart retains the same characteristics as the Air Million chart series in terms of graphic design, size, finish, coated paper, etc. However this chart offers a more detailed geographical background and aerospace overlay.

The Air Million Zoom Southern England and Wales chart is the ideal compliment to the Air Million chart series for all flights in the UK.

    Features include:
    • Double sided and concertina folded for easy cockpit use plus improved flight safety
    • Clear graphical design
    • Laminated finish
    • Class A to E Airspace from 500' to FL105
    • Controlled zones (restricted, dangerous, prohibited, military training areas, etc.)
    • Over 200 airports including microlight airfields
    • Gliding, free fall parachute and balloon sites
    • Hang gliding areas
    • Fuel availability
    • Aerodromes with Customs facilities
    • FIS, ATIS, Tower, MATZ and Volmet frequencies
    • Radio navigation aids (VOR, NDB and VORDME)
    • Obstacles to navigation
    • Check-points and VFR routes

    Product Dimensions: 11 cm x 25 cm (Folded), 130 x 50 cm (open format).

    AIRAC 04/2018

    CAA 1:500 000 Scale Chart Transair UK and Ireland VFR Chart 1:1000 000 Scale